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Croatia Charter EU is an online charter firm that specializes in Croatian nautical tourism. The company is fondly recognized as quality yacht charter agency amongst experts and in the industry.

The company was officially listed in Croatia, UK, and the USA. Croatia Charter EU has an unassailable reputation for offering reasonable contracts that covers both hiring and marketing of vessels in the Adriatic Sea while providing relevant and related services. With years of operation in the field, Croatia Charter EU has amassed an enviable collection of vessels on Adriatic, which has effectively empowered the firm to offer unmatched nautical arrangements.

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About Our Yacht Charter Services

Bareboat is a preferred and attractive alternative to other forms of renting arrangements. Bareboat is particularly desired by individuals who are proficient enough in sea navigation and want to tailor the voyage according to their own inclinations and likings. This hiring alternative offers distinctive benefits that you would certainly keep you engrossed, but have a layer of additional of responsibility too.

You would be entitled to total travel solitude on the yacht, you would be in charge of the travelers’ expenditure, with a decision on docks, harbors, and length of the trip. Bareboat is a remarkably inexpensive boat hire arrangement.

With a recognized and acceptable captain’s permit, you would a vigorously gratifying voyage in Croatia.

Skippered charter in Croatia hires arrangement pervasive and notable for when it comes to the cruising of sailboats, speedboats, and catamarans. This hiring method allows you to select your preferred vessel and then hire a captain or skipper that would undertake the duty of navigating the vessel. It is imperative that the skipper you intend to pick possess every necessary certification and maritime aptitude, coupled with practical social abilities which would foster a cordial and atmosphere on the vessel during the voyage.

He would take directives from you with unwavering commitments to ensuring that your wishes can happen on the trip in areas of navigation routes, holidays plan and program, dockings, weather conditions and so on. Undoubtedly, hiring a skipper is an effective way to experience a peaceful and comfortable yacht charter vacation.

The yacht charter Croatia proposal of Croatia Charter EU renders over 3.500 vessels with readiness for hire and uses that adequately embraces the whole Croatian shore and islands. The services are very inclusive, allowing you to discover, make reservations and hire an assortment of vessels in the country. The hiring options are very flexible allowing you to hire on a skippered basis or bareboat basis.

If you are particularly intrigued by fast expeditions, you would be pleasantly astounded by the vast number of motorboats that are available for rent with us in the Croatia. Powerboats offer lots of visibility that enables you to experience the Croatian shores and aquatic splendors intimately.

Various bonus and reduced prices would apply too.